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Kayaking tour

Kayaking hut-to-hut tour that fully discovers all secrets of Montenegrin part of Lake Skadar. Seven days of enjoying truly wild, amazing place with astonishing surroundings, biodiversity, old villages, fantastic cuisine, history and tradition.


Day 1: Meeting day – transfer to Rijeka Crnojevića

The tour starts from the western corner of Lake Skadar NP. Rijeka Crnojevica is the area that you shouldn’t miss when visit southern Montenegro – it’s widely known for its historical importance through centuries, as it used to be a place of first printing house in South Slavic people, residence of medieval Montenegrin royal dynasties and very important market place through the centuries. This small town is placed in amazing environment and we’ll use this day to show you some of the most beautiful spots as well as some of historical sights.


Day 2: Rijeka Crnopjevića – Karuč - Dodoši

Length: 20 km
Average duration: 5 hours of active paddling

Our adventure will start with paddling in spectacular landscape of river meanders that lead further to the Lake. Getting some great views from the Lake, we’ll turn to another secluded paradise – bay of Karuč, the place of perfectly clean water, thanks to hundreds of springs placed under Lake’s surface. Deep spots like this are natural shelters for massive schools of fish, which have always attracted people to build seasonal fishing villages nearby. Such a place exists in Karuč and we’ll stop there to have a lunch from daily fresh fish.

After the break wećll hit the route that goes through the fields of lilies and channels hidden in bulrush, hitting magical Karatuna River that will bring us to another beautiful village. It’s called Dodoši and we’ll stay there to spend a night in its awesome ambience.


Day 3: Dodoši – Žabljak Crnojevića – Poseljani

Length: 14 km
Average duration: 3-3.5 hours of active paddling

Next tour will bring us some more stories and legends from the past, as we’ll visit old fort of Žabljak Crnojevića, which used to be capitol of Montenegrin medieval kings and strategically very important point during Ottoman occupation of our country. Placed at the top of small hill, it pleases visitors with a great view, bringing us to some very different times, several centuries ago. From there we’ll hit Karatuna again, which will bring us through beautiful forest of willows back to the Lake, but not for a long – soon we’ll wonder through labyrinth of old fishermen’s channels, reaching another fairytale village – Poseljani. As the place which used to have 14 watermills, it had been one of the most important and the liveliest settlements in wider area. Legend says that first Montenegrin casino existed there. As the most of such places, Poseljani lost its importance with industrial development in 20th century and got fully abandoned in 1990-es. We’ll forget about paddling for the rest of the day, stretching our legs during 2 hours walk through the village, enjoying magical mix of lush nature and remains of old mills and palaces, as well as great panorama of the Lake.


Day 4: Poseljani – Morača Eco Resort

Length: 12 km
Average duration: 3 hours of active paddling

We’ll spend another day in the narrower part of the Lake, paddling between lilies and beautiful islands, reaching the mouth of the biggest tributary of Skadar Lake. It’s Morača River, one of most famous in Montenegro, which springs deeply in the inland, passing under many bridges in Podgorica, finishing in beautiful style in the largest lake in Balkan. Morača’s delta is real birds’ paradise and we’ll enjoy their company, hidden between two dense rows of willows.

Before the final point we’ll stop at the river’s shore to meet two great guys who run bushcraft camp, hosting all those who want to know some more about the Lake, showing them their skills of survival in the nature. We’ll hang out with them for a couple of hours, enjoying tasty food and having some nice wild swimming.

Soon after that we’ll reach a bit more cultivated part of Morača’s delta and we’ll stay until next day in a charming eco resort, enjoying fresh drinks on the terrace above the water, great food and comfort of nice bungalows. Even it’s the shortest route in the program, we really need to collect some extra energy, as the biggest paddling day is following.


Day 5: Day off

Paddling is our main mission on this trip but we’ll use this day to do something different. There’s plenty of great options – doing adrenaline canyoning trip in fantastic Međureč Canyon in the seaside, visit to Old Royal Capitol Cetinje and Njegoš mausoleum at Lovćen Mountain, visit to Boka Bay and Old Town Kotor


Day 6: Morača Eco Resort – Murići Village

Length: 21 km
Average duration: 5-5.5 hours of active paddling

As already mentioned, this is the longest paddling day. Passing the rest of the loop around Vranjina Island, we’ll come to the wider part of the Lake, passing it from the shore to shore in next half an hour, enjoying views to the mirror of Lake’s water, steep slopes of Rumija Mountain and Albanian Alps. We’ll see some of the most famous and most beautiful spots of this part of the National Park: Prison Island of Grmožur, marvelous bay of Raduš oko (thedeepest point of the Lake), Krnjice village and finally astonishing group of islands called Murići. After 20-ish kilometers of paddling we’ll reach beautiful beach, stopping there for a swim and a real joy of a night camping in this awesome part of nature.


Day 7: Murići Village – Ckla

Length: 17 km
Average duration: 4 hours of paddling

Just great route to end Skadar Lake kayaking adventure. This day you’ll paddle in the widest part of the Lake (14 km), having all the time a spectacular view to Albanian shore and high mountain peaks on both sides. Murići Islands are known by several orthodox monasteries built mostly in 14th century – we’ll visit the most beautiful among them, situated at Beška, the biggest island in the area. It’s also great spot to hear our oldest legend about King Vladimir and his wife Kosara, who established first Montenegrin country in the end of 10th century, as well as more stories about national and religious diversity of this region and interesting traditions of Albanian people who populate this part of Lake’s shore.

We’ll finish our program just several hundreds of meters from Albanian border at Ckla village. Dropping our kayaks we’ll take a ride up to Ostros to visit some more sights of this part of the Lake – remains of the oldest church in Montenegro, old mills that are built as a sort of endowment of past generations, breathtaking ancient forest of massive chestnut trees…combined with highest level of hospitality and great cuisine, Ostros village is just perfect place to celebrate the end of our adventure in one of last pearls of the nature in whole Europe.


Day 8: Departure

After breakfast in local restaurant, we’ll give you a ride to the airport or somewhere else in Montenegro.


Day 1: Rijeka Crnojevića

Accommodation: Šinđon guesthouse. Nice and clean rooms with separate bathrooms. Place is widely known for fantastic fish delicacies and excellent service.


Day 2: Dodoši Village

Accommodation: Private apartments in the village, nice and clean rooms with separate bathrooms. Dinner and breakfast at one of local restaurants.


Day 3: Poseljani Village

Accommodation: Wild camping in Poseljani village. Dinner and breakfast at local household. 


Day 4: Morača Eco Resort

Accommodation: Morača Eco Resort is placed on the river’s shore. Great position, nice bungalows with separate bathrooms, great restaurant with excellent fish menu, hospitable staff. Highly recommended place to stay.


Day 5: Morača Eco Resort

Accommodation: Morača Eco Resort


Day 6: Murići Village

Accommodation: Wild camping at the beach of Murići. Great chance for star gazing in fantastic ambience. Dinner and breakfast will be prepared by the guide.


Day 7: Virpazar

Accommodation: Nice and clean private apartments in Virpazar area. Dinner and breakfast at a local restaurant.

Tour’s price includes following costs:

  • All accommodation
  • All food
  • All local transfers during the trip
  • All guiding services in hiking, kayaking, mountain bike, rafting and canyoning on active days
  • All entrance fees for national and nature parks in Montenegro
  • All costs in case of changing of the plan from objective reasons
  • Insurance required by Montenegrin law.


As the most of offered tours are designed in hut-to-hut style, the main principle in choosing of accommodation was to pick the best available solution at particular spot. As it’s obvious from listed places for each tour, it varies from small hotels and guesthouses to private apartments, tourist households and wild camping. Except lodgings in remote areas, all the accommodations involve modern, comfortable rooms with separate bathroom and shower facilities and it’s feasible to book cabins in accordance to guests’ preferences in terms of number of beds. Traditional households (as well as wild camping) normally mean pretty basic, but fully functional conditions and facilities. Staying there makes whole the package original and  attractive. Placed far from city lights and any type of pollution, they offer some other kind of comfort, from starry skies to mountain water springs and organic food. It also implies enjoying in simple, original life of local people, their culture and natural warmness and hospitality.

Each program is adjustable and it’s possible to do some changes, according to wishes of particular group.


Price of each program includes all food during the tour. Breakfasts and dinners will be normally at the accommodation or in some nice restaurant nearby. On active days (means apart from meeting day, days off and/or departure day), most of lunches will be arranged in packed form. Other days, we’ll eat at restaurants or local families.

Not only Montenegro, but whole Balkan is known for its great food. Our turbulent past has determined even our cuisine, so apart from local tastes, you’ll recognize strong influences of Turkish, Mediterranean and Hungarian style. Appearing as ambassadors of local culture and tradition, we try to present all diversity of food in Montenegro – from quite interesting and original traditional plates in modern style, to simple and authentic meals when at families or shepherds’ farms. One is sure – you will love it. And it’s also about quantity – sharing goods with guests is an ancient way of showing hospitality and wherever you eat, expect quite big portions.

All special food regimes – vegan/vegetarian, intolerance to certain ingredients should be indicated in advance.

Equipment required for specific activities provided by the company and collaborators:

  • Kayaking: sit-in/sit-on-top kayaks, paddles, spray decks, buoyancy aids, dry bags
  • Canyoning: wet suits, buoyancy aids, helmets, alpine belts, dry bags
  • Mountain bike and cycling: bicycles and helmets
  • Camping: tents, camping pads and dishes.

Costs that are not included:

  • All costs of activities provided by others on days off (canyoning, zip line experience, via ferrata or horse riding)
  • Drinks
  • Guests’ personal costs.

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