Eco Nomad Tours – our path towards sustainability

General working conditions and infrastructure obstacles still make it practically impossible to operate in accordance to all the standards of low carbon tourism. But considered as the real ambassadors of environmental protection, we want to do the best we can and therefore have created the concept of Eco Nomad tours. Here’s how it works.

First we want to decrease usage of all types of petrol vehicles in our tours, decreasing carbon emissions. We have put in serious effort to create multiday programs that go from point to point (hut-to-hut), reducing transfers to minimum and still keeping the highest level of tours’ attractiveness.

We collaborate with companies (eco resorts, accommodations and restaurants) that have the same attitude like us. All the plastic/paper/glass waste produced on our tours will be collected for recycling. Also, as a team each season we’ll try to contribute to areas affected by forest fires and erosion, planting new trees. Your support in that would be the best mark that you could leave in Montenegro.

Free of crowd

Montenegro is one of the best places to escape the chaos of big city life – with the surface of 13,812 square km it has only about half a million of people. Also, because of the mountainous terrain most of the territory is not permanently populated and that’s one of the reasons why our country still keeps the title of the “last oasis of unspoiled nature in Europe”.

Creating our offer we have tried to introduce you to all the secret, truly wild and untouched, non-tourist places. Of course, we don’t want to skip some of the most beautiful spots just because they are popular. But the main idea is to experience and enjoy the silence and company of locals, to promote services of people that live and work in remote parts of our country, to experience for yourself the calm and old world lifestyle. We promise you’ll be the first tourists to see some places in Montenegro and we’re sure you’ll love it.