Eco nomad tours

Following our attitude for protecting the nature, we have had no doubt about the type of our tours – most of them are eco-friendly. It means that the transfers in each tour are very short or we even don’t use any vehicles in their realization – so called “hut-to-hut” or classic nomad tours. Except of clear environmental benefits, that’s the way how to decrease wasted time spent in transport so there’ll be much more time for the fun and chill before and after every daily activity. And the main thing is it wouldn’t affect diversity and quality of our programs. Quite the opposite.


Having worked as guides for years, we have discovered an ideal route through Montenegro, skipping the most popular, busy and noisy places. We’ll take you through most of Montenegrin national parks and parks of nature, but always choosing the best alternative routes to those most used. In this way, it’s possible to travel the whole country from the east to the west, taking in some of the best natural attractions and unforgettable landscapes. The different terrain allows our guests to tackle lots of different activities: hiking, cycling, kayaking, canyoning, horse riding. Everyone will be able to choose the perfect combination of activities and levels.

Activities, guides and collaborators

Our team is made up of certified and highly experienced hiking and kayaking guides, people who are truly passionate about this type of life. Every day spent with them, whether it’s on a mountain, in kayak or on the bicycle is great fun, every activity is adjusted to your abilities and preferences. We provide canyoning and rafting in collaboration with other companies who have provided these activities for many years. We always provide the best equipment available, having comfort and safety of our guests in mind.


Tour complexity

Each tour includes plenty of other interesting and unavoidable elements. Exploring Montenegrin culture and tradition will definitely enhance your experience. Our passionate and experienced guides will explain the history behind the old towns, ancient churches, monasteries and mosques, monuments we pass through. We love this aspect of our tours and hope you will too.

Contribution to local community

Contribution to local community is another essential aspect of our offer. In accordance to this, we managed to find plenty of great places to stay in very remote and calm areas, being guests at local households that except of their basic activities offer accommodation and food for tourists. It’s always great experience for everyone – tourists, locals and guides. Their lives are a bit different than ours, their experience as well – accustomed to solitude, they know no language barriers to show their hospitality and good will to share everything they have with us. And that’s why those visits are priceless for both them and us.


All the types of accommodation are the same nice – the main criteria except of quality and comfort are warmness and hospitality. All of them – guesthouses, apartments, hotels or private households are very focused mostly on active tourists, adjusting their service to this particular group.


Not only Montenegro but the whole Balkans has a fantastic cuisine, comprising many different influences. Thanks to our turbulent history, along with original local cuisine, there is more than a touch of Italian, Hungarian and Turkish food. Wherever we bring you for the meal, be sure it’s going to be very tasty and always more than enough. So, don’t expect that you’ll get back home with less kilograms.