We are not surprised that the most of our guests don’t know much about Montenegro.

We are a small country in south-eastern Europe, half the size of Belgium. You are unlikely to hear about us on the news and you might miss us if you look at a map. But Montenegro is wonderful and shouldn’t be missed. Here are a few facts.

Montenegro is one of the oldest countries in Europe, as the history dates back more than 1000 years. We were officially recognized as an independent nation in 1878; the second time was in 2006. We are situated in historically very stormy region of Balkans, at the crossroad between East and the West, but we were invaded for the first time in 1916. The Montenegrin people have had a reputation for being fearless warriors, but we’re now regarded as the most peaceful and settled nation of the Balkans – we are naturally easy-going and love to welcome new people.

The population of Montenegro is only about 620k. The capital is Podgorica, with about one third of the population. Most of Montenegro is rural and underdeveloped, from any town you are just minutes from nature at its most untouched and beautiful.

We have a rocky and mountainous landscape with 250 peaks over 2.000 meters above the sea level. But we also have 180 km of beautiful Adriatic coast, myriad of glacial lakes, wild and clean rivers with deep canyons, one of the last ancient forests in Europe. Montenegro is proud of its 5 national parks and 4 parks of nature. From 1992 we were the first officially established ecological country in the world.

Thanks to our very turbulent past, the population of Montenegro is very diverse. Officially there are five ethnic groups of equal status: Montenegrins, Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians and Croats, and none is in majority. Also, there are 3 religious groups– Orthodox Christianity is dominant, but there is also a significant percentage of Muslims and Catholics. Most Montenegrins think that this cultural diversity is one of our biggest assets, making us a rich, colorful and welcoming country.

We would love to help you explore.