11-day multiactivity & cultural program

Making an ideal itinerary for active holidays in Montenegro is not an easy job at all: simply, there’s so many things that should be included, so many fantastic places, an armful of different activities, myriad of cultural monuments… Exploring this fabulous country for decades and guiding others for last 12 years, we have done so many different programs, sending our guest home charmed by the beauty of what they experienced here. After countless combinations, we think we got something which we could call “probably the best way to enjoy Montenegro in 11 days”. In our opinion this is the most complete way to meet this wonderful country, passing three national parks and two regional nature parks, doing the most attractive routes that Montenegro offers.

The tour includes kayaking in remote area of Lake Skadar NP, canyoning in a spectacular small gorge, full day rafting trip (45 km) in the deepest European canyon and 5 hikes in Prokletije NP, Durmitor NP, Komovi and Piva Nature Parks (find more at “top destinations” at our website). The most of days include some interesting cultural visit – Montenegro is very colourful country in cultural terms and this tour will show you that through meeting some of the most important historical monuments, churches, mosques, old cemeteries. The tour leader that will guide you, besides being experienced and certified hiking guide, is also internationally certified interpreter of cultural and natural heritage, passionate in sharing her knowledge of our country and its tradition. And of course, you’ll spend a lot of time with locals in every part of Montenegro, sleeping at their guesthouses and eating at their households, meeting their customs and lifestyle, as well as their natural warmth and hospitality.


Day 1: Arrival

The day of arrival we’ll spend in very relaxed way, visiting some important sights and getting first impressions of our country. After check in at the hotel, we’ll take a short transfer to Podgorica suburbs to see remains of old Roman municipium Duklja; origins of Montenegrin country are very closely connected with this spot and story about it is a nice introduction into very turbulent and complicated history of this part of Balkans.

South of Montenegro is typically Mediterranean: a warm and sunny area, the land of figs, olives, pomegranates and in general very specific vegetation. But if a country could have a taste, taste of Montenegro would be definitely taste of wine. Wine production is a big and long tradition for the most of families and this day we’ll bring you to a superb winery in so-called Riječka nahija region to enjoy some really nice wines and traditional spirits, altogether with typical Mediterranean bites: cheese, prosciutto, tasty vegetables, olives etc. Just the nicest way to start our adventure all across the country.

Transfer duration for this day: 2 hours in total


Day 2: Lake Skadar kayaking experience

Tour length: 18 km
Tour duration: 3.5 hours of active paddling
Grade of difficulty: moderate

Lake Skadar is the biggest lake in Balkan peninsula, shared between Montenegro and Albania. It’s definitely one of the most attractive spots to visit in whole country due to its natural beauty and cultural importance. It’s listed on Ramsar list of wetlands with international importance, especially because of its birdlife: Lake Skadar is home for 272 different bird species and very important spot on their migratory routes. Historically, this area was the cradle of first Montenegrin country formed in late 10th century as well as the place of clash between many different civilizations through the time that all left some marks around.

For this day, we have chosen paddling in the most remote part of the Lake, close to Albanian border. It’s called Krajina – a wide rocky area placed between the Lake and Rumija Mountain, with an archipelago of islands that once had been just hills surrounded by water. Some are still decorated with medieval Orthodox monasteries and we’ll visit the most beautiful between them: Beška Monastery, a small piece of paradise kept by 16 nuns. They will tell us their observation of the history of this place and surrounding area.

This is super calm and unreally beautiful part of the Lake and rarely we meet some tourist there, as it’s pretty far from the main road. The small one that will bring us to the starting point is an attraction itself, as it shows fantastic views to the major part of the Lake and the mountains around it, old villages and even settlements on the opposite side of this big water.

Transfer duration for this day: 2 hours in total


Day 3: Canyoning below Rumija Mountain heights

Tour length: 1.4 km
Tour duration: 3-4 hours
Altitude difference: 150 m
Grade of difficulty: moderate to challenging

There’s plenty of beautiful big and small canyons in Montenegro, but regarding those that are suitable for canyoning, Međureč is considered as the most complete and one of the most beautiful in the country. It has literally everything for seriously good canyoning adventure: long abseils, high jumps, slides, fantastic ambience and clean water that comes from the heart of Rumija Mountain. In total, the tour takes about 4 hours spent in the canyon and it’s guided by the best certified guides in Montenegro. They provide all the equipment: wetsuits, wet boots, helmets and alpinist belts.

The tour starts from remote village of Dabezići, about 1 hour of drive far from Bar municipality. There we take our equipment and some 15 minutes of additional transfer. It will bring us far up the slopes of Rumija, showing fantastic panorama of this beautiful area, including almost whole Ulcinj Riviera. Being dropped there, we’ll take 20 minutes long walk down to the river and first obstacle that has to be solved: a 35 meters high rock. Just enough to increase adrenaline level for the rest of the adventure.

Finishing the canyoning, on our way back we’ll stop at Old Town Bar, having small walk through the remains of this beautiful place. Having long and turbulent history, it’s abandoned for almost 150 years, finding its new life as one of the most important cultural sites of Montenegrin Seaside.

Transfer duration for this day: 4 hours in total


Day 4: The stunning beauty of Accursed Mountains

Tour length: 11.7 km
Tour duration: 4 hours of active walk
Altitude gain: 950 m
Terrain: dirt path
Grade of difficulty: moderate

Prokletije Mountains (Accursed Mountains, Northern Albanian Alps) is very wide mountainous area shared between Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, a myriad of high and super-attractive peaks, considered as the most impressive mountain massif in Balkans. In short, this is a perfect outdoor playground and it’s not easy to pick which trail to do, but we didn’t have too much doubt when we have chosen that one which connects three peaks nearby Montenegrin border with Albania: Volušnica, Talijanka and Popadija. This tour is probably the most attractive walk in Montenegrin part of Prokletije, simply because of indescribable beauty of surrounding area. Most of the time you’ll have 360-degrees view to the rest of the massif and really far away from it, covering pretty big part of territory of three countries.

Arriving to the gate of the National Park in gorgeous Grebaje Valley we’ll hit the trail that leads steep up to the highland, passing through a forest of beech trees. Catching the plateau, we’ll turn right, climbing up to the peak of Popadija (2.030 m asl). Heading up to the top, you’ll see the reason why you are there: you’ll see fabulous view to Karanfili Massif situated on the opposite side of Grebaje, a bunch of other peaks and beautiful valleys from both Montenegrin and Albanian side. This is the view that will follow you during whole walk and you’ll see that, doesn’t matter how long you stayed there, you didn’t get enough of it.

Walking the same ridge, soon you’ll be at next peak – Talijanka (2.057 m asl) the highest one on the trail, seeing more and more of this fantastic place. Finally, we’ll come at the edge of the plateau, reaching third peak of Volušnica, catching the trail in the forest and chasing some fresh drink at some nice bar down in Grebaje Valley.

Finishing active part of the day, we’ll enjoy visiting old Vezir’s Mosque, traditional Muslim house turned into museum and an awesome meal at a local family.

Transfer duration for this day: about 30 minutes in both directions for the hike; additional 1 hour for cultural visits and dinner.


Day 5: Komovi Mountains loop

Tour length: 21 km
Tour duration: 6 hours of active walk
Altitude gain: 880 m
Terrain: dirt/rocky path
Grade of difficulty: moderate

Komovi Mountains is in terms of covered territory small, but pretty high mountain massif in Eastern Montenegro. Situated in the middle of wide pasture, it grows with 4 peaks up to almost 2.500 of altitude and it looks absolutely amazing no matter which side you look at it. During this loop walk you’ll definitely take all the beautiful views at this fabulous bunch of massive boulders, but you’ll see actually much more. Just next to Komovi is situated spectacular massif of Prokletije Mountains we conquered previously, the view easily reaches mild slopes of Bjelasica Mountain in the neighbourhood as well as high peaks in Central Montenegro and you’ll even see highest points of Durmitor Mountain and some beautiful peaks in Kosovo.

The trail starts from Štavna eco-village, situated at 1.700 meters of altitude and it’s the perfect spot to make you fall in love with the mountain on the first sight: this spot is definitely one of the most beautiful vistas in whole Montenegro. The trail starts there, coming closer to the mountain, passing beautiful forests and meadows, rocky parts and mild valleys, remains of old summer villages of late nomadic farmers. Even being 21 km long, this is a moderate graded trail, as there’s actually nothing challenging in it. Terrain is pretty easy, there are no too much steep slopes and it’s created as almost perfect combination of ascending, descending and flat parts. In short, a real treat for all real nature and hiking lovers.

Transfer duration for this day: 2 hours in total.


Day 6: Day off

This day is actually a day with very rich itinerary – it doesn’t include some significant physical efforts, but it will be full of some nice tourist visits. It starts with a nice panoramic ride through remote areas of Central Montenegro. This part is truly undiscovered area even for the most of Montenegrins: it’s pretty far from the usually used roads, a rural area of beautiful villages and countless breathtaking mountain peaks.

Cultural part of this day includes visit of ancient necropolis of so-called stećci – tombstones related to medieval Bosnian culture. There’s about 3.500 of those monuments in Montenegro and three biggest cemeteries are listed by UNESCO as a part of World’s Cultural Heritage. They speak about the past in very specific way with their shape, decorations and writings in old Cyrillic letters; their history also explains a lot about people of this part of Balkan Peninsula, about their customs and habits. We’ll visit cemetery in Novakovići Village, placed in spectacular ambience of wide highland below Durmitor Mountain, nearby two beautiful glacial lakes.

Another nice place to visit for this day is Black Lake, the biggest one in Durmitor NP. It’s probably the most popular and the most well-known between 18 glacial lakes in the area known as “Mountain Eyes”. It’s a spot of extraordinary beauty and it’s one of the most photographed landscapes in the country. There’s nice, easy trail around the Lake for all those who want to enjoy this small green paradise and we’ll take a walk on it; it takes less than two hours, including a swim break.

Dinner will be organized at a local family of nomadic farmers in their summer house in the village. Growing horses is their tradition and they have more than 50 heads, using them in tourist purpose (horse-back riding tours) and for racing. This visit is probably going to be one of highlights regarding food in Montenegro: it’s the best way to taste real homemade dishes in many courses as well as typical local traditional drinks.

Transfer duration for this day: about 1.5 hours in total.


Day 7: Walk all across Durmitor Mountain

Tour length: 15 km
Tour duration: 6 hours of active walk
Altitude gain: 1.150 m, 1.200m altitude loss
Terrain: dirt and rocky path
Grade of difficulty: challenging

Hiking potential of Durmitor Mountain is endless: there’s 48 peaks over 2000 meters of altitude and countless options of trekking tours between them. For this program we have chosen one that probably shows this mountain in the best way, as it cuts whole massif, uncovering most of its hidden treasures. It starts from Dobri Do, the biggest and the most beautiful valley in the National Park, leading around the highest part of the mountain, crossing magical landscapes of Škrčko ždrijelo, Prutaš Peak, Bobotov kuk, Škrka Valley with two amazing glacial lakes in the middle of Durmitor, fantastic spot for a swim break and enjoying 360 degrees panoramic view.

The rest of the trail passes by Planinica Peak, showing us the opposite part of the massif. Crossing beautiful meadows, valleys, forests and rocky parts, it will bring us to another glacial lake – Zminje, the one of truly virgin beauty still hidden in the middle of the woods. In less than half an hour of walk we’ll be at Bosača, the highest permanently inhabited village in whole Balkans, placed at 1.600 m asl. At that spot we’ll finish this fabulous day.

Transfer duration for this day: about 1.5 hours in total.


Day 8: Unforgettable rafting experience in Tara Canyon

Tour length: 45 km
Tour duration: 4-5 hours on water
Grade of difficulty: easy

Montenegro is a dreamland for the most of outdoor activities and rafting is one that you definitely shouldn’t skip when you’re here. It takes place in Tara Canyon, that together with Durmitor NP has been listed by UNESCO as a part of World Natural Heritage from 1980. It’s officially the deepest European canyon and the second deepest in the world, just after Colorado’s Grand Canyon: the highest slope of the canyon (Obzir Rock) reaches 1.330 meters above the river. The canyon is a place of pristine natural beauty, amazing mix of rocks and dense vegetation, a home of rich wildlife and many endemic sorts of plants.

The most of people do “basic”, two hours rafting route on Tara – last 15 km of the flow before it meets Piva River. This part is the most attractive in terms of rapids as it covers 18 big ones, but we’ll include much more, turning this day into definitely unforgettable adventure. The route’s length will be 45 km in total: in this full-day variant we’ll pass through the most peaceful part of the canyon, seeing its most beautiful waterfalls, the highest part of the canyon, sharing this piece of nature only with chamois on the shore and fish in the river.

Transfer duration for this day: about 1.5 hours in total.


Day 9: Amazing wilderness of Piva Nature Park

Tour length: 14 km
Tour duration: 5-6 hours of active walk
Altitude gain: 1.350 m (870 meters of altitude loss)
Terrain: dirt and rocky path
Grade of difficulty: challenging

Piva Nature Park is maybe the most diverse (we also dare to say, maybe the most beautiful) part of Montenegro, as there you’ll find literally all types of natural beauty: high mountains, wide pastures, wild rivers, deep canyons, dense forests, glacial lakes and big accumulation of magnificent Piva Lake. Still this area is not discovered enough in tourist terms and that fact allows those who attend it to enjoy this piece of land in the best way.

Last two hikes in the program will be “hut to hut”, in two days you’ll cross over whole massif of three mountains – Bioč, Maglić and Volujak, at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The adventure starts with a half an hour transfer to Stabna Village. Enjoying the ride by the shore of Piva Lake, we’ll come to the hidden paradise of green valleys, beech forests, old stone houses, steep slopes of surrounding hills. The trail leads uphill, reaching two beautiful glacial lakes (Small and Big Stabanska Lakes), bringing us higher through amazing shade of old woods and discovering more of this magnificent area. The highest point on the trail is Bojanska vrata pass (2.128 m) – when we’re there we’ll know that we have done all the challenge planned for this day. Descending from there in next two hours we’ll find the most spectacular detail in whole massif – heart shaped Trnovačko Lake, in most of opinions the most beautiful lake in whole Montenegro. We’ll spend the evening at beautiful terrace of the only guesthouse on the Lake’s shore. Even quite basic, you’ll be surprised with the quality and charm of the service they offer: cold beer and juices, warm tea and coffee, simple but very tasty food – what more you’d ask for at the place in the middle of the mountain, about 10 km far from any road?

Transfer duration for this day: about 20 minutes in total.


Day 10: Fabulous vistas of Maglić Mountain

Tour length: 15.1 km
Tour duration: 5-6 hours of active walk
Altitude gain: 826 m (1.500 meters of altitude loss)
Terrain: dirt and rocky path
Grade of difficulty: challenging

Waking up at Trnovačko Lake is really a privilege: just like entering a surreal picture of sunny morning in the middle of natural, rocky amphitheater made from spectacular high peaks with the Lake in the middle of a green valley. Days there normally start with a swim in the Lake, coffee and breakfast at the terrace – just a great way to warm up for the walk that follows. And it’s not easy at all as it takes roughly 800 meters of altitude, but it will show you one of the most spectacular views of whole tour: heart shaped Trnovačko Lake from above. Higher you climb, you’ll see more of an fabulous environment, eventually reaching Šarena lastva pass, amazing vista, perfect for a break and enjoying fantastic landscapes all around.

Next challenge is climbing Maglić peak, the highest summit of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It takes about one hour of walk in one direction and that part will open some more views far in Bosnian territory. The most significant is an endless green vastness of Perućica NP, the biggest virgin forest in Balkans and one of the last of the kind in Europe. In the way back, we’ll conquer another peak of Maglić, just several hundred of meters far from previous one: the border between Montenegro and Bosnia stretches between them and this one is 3 meters higher than Bosnian.

Final part is 3 hours long but beautiful walk downhill on mixed terrain: rocky and dirt path curves through valleys and forests around mighty peaks of Bioč Mountain, declining down to Mratinje, one of the most beautiful villages in Montenegro.

Transfer duration for this day: no transfers.


Day 11: Departure day

Last day we’ll take a ride to Podgorica Airport with an option of organization of transport to any other point by your wish. On the way to the South, we’ll visit Piva Monastery, situated nearby Pluzine. It’s built in late 16th century and everything related to this building from it’s establishing sounds like fiction, especially pretty recent episode during building the dam on Piva River in 1960’s and 1970’s. This simple but harmonious building exudes a specific beauty and primordial peace; original frescos on the walls make this monastery one of the most beautifully decorated in whole country.

Next stop will be Nikšić, the second biggest Montenegrin city. It’s a place of truly good spirit, wide squares, historical monuments and nice architecture. And it’s also nice spot for having a pleasant break in some nice bar or restaurant.

Finally, before we arrive to the airport, we’ll visit the most famous orthodox Monastery in Montenegro. It’s Ostrog, a miraculous building settled in massive high rock above long and green valley of Zeta River. This monastery keeps remains of St. Vasilije (Basil), the most appreciated Christian saint in the country; He’s celebrated not only by orthodox Christians: people of all religions and nations in Balkans believe in his healing power. It’s a place of mass pilgrim, especially on May the 12th – the particular day of Saint Vasilije. Estimated number of people who visit this spot annually is between 1.5 – 2 million.

Transfer duration for this day: about 2.5 hours in total.


Day 1: Podgorica

Accommodation: Hotel Boscovich – a four-star hotel in Podgorica City Center. A place of high comfort, superb service, excellent location, friendly and professional staff.


Day 2: Trnovačko Lake, Piva Nature Park

Accommodation: Hotel Boscovich****


Day 3: Gusinje, nearby Prokletije NP

Accommodation: Villa Merak – definitely in the group of the most luxurious small eco-accommodations in Montenegrin inlands. A beautiful house with a big yard, very nicely furnished, with comfortable bedrooms, big dining room and living room. The place is run by a family of young couple, that moved from Podgorica to start this business, enjoying life in this amazing area. It’s possible to feel their love for what they do in each detail of this place. It’s highly recommended to stay at them for dinner: Elvis is great cook, very experienced in preparing food typical for that area.


Day 4: Gusinje, nearby Prokletije NP

Accommodation: Villa Merak


Day 5: Mirović Apartments (small hotel)

Accommodation: Mirović Apartments, Kolašin – it’s a kind of reasonably luxurious place – small kingdom of comfort and natural hospitality, great yard nearby the river, super-nice rooms with excellent facilities, fantastic breakfast and real home atmosphere.


Pošćenje Village, nearby Durmitor NP

Accommodation: Nevidio eco village – a group of 9 nice and clean mountain houses built in traditional style, with great restaurant that offers excellent meals. Originally intended to hikers and all outdoor lovers, this resort is good enough to fulfill expectations of most of tourists that want explore this area in some other way. Last year it was listed by Guardian as one of 14 most beautiful accommodations in whole world! Awesome restaurant’s terrace, two beautiful small lakes are in the neighborhood – a great option for a nice swim and chilling.


Day 7: Pošćenje Village, nearby Durmitor NP

Accommodation: Nevidio eco village 


Day 8: Plužine, Piva Nature Park

Accommodation: Zvono jazz house & apartments – pretty unexpected place for such remote area. Great atmosphere, music and charm, fantastic food and local homemade drinks will make you wish to stay there some nights longer. But adventure is calling and we have to go just next day.


Day 9: Trnovačko Lake, Piva Nature Park

Accommodation: Dorms at the only guesthouse on the Lake’s shore. It’s very basic accommodation with water as the only facility – anyway, it’s more than worth staying in the middle of stunning beautiful, untouched nature. Fantastic ambience, tasty food and good beverage supply.


Day 10: Mratinje Village, Piva Nature Park

Accommodation: Local household – this night you’ll spend in beautiful Mratinje Village, sleeping and dining at Ćalasan family. They have a nice house with a courtyard, a couple of nice and clean rooms with shared bathroom. Hosts are super-friendly: nice local family that really does their best guests to feel comfortable and enjoy their service. Food is the most special moment at this spot – it’s real mom’s cuisine in Montenegrin style: huge portions of super-fresh and super-tasty local meals in several courses. Simply, an amazing place to stay for all who want to feel spirit of ordinary Montenegrins.

Tour’s price includes following costs:

  • All accommodation as listed in the plan. The company keeps the right of changing planned accommodation with other at the same/similar level of comfort in case of changed circumstances (original accommodation is unavailable, part of the program is changed,
  • Meals in accordance with following table:
Day/meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 X X Included
2 Included X X
3 Included X X
4 Included X Included
5 Included X Included
6 Included X Included
7 Included X X
8 Included X Included
9 Included X Included
10 Included X Included
11 Included X X
  • All the planned transfers during the trip
  • All guiding services on active days, provided by certified and experienced adventure guides
  • All entrance fees for national and nature parks in Montenegro
  • All costs in case of changing of the plan from objective reasons
  • Insurance required by Montenegrin law.

Equipment required for specific activities provided by the company and collaborators:

  • Kayaking: sit-in/sit-on-top kayaks, paddles, spray decks, buoyancy aids, dry bags
  • Canyoning: wet suits, buoyancy aids, helmets, alpine belts, dry bags
  • Rafting: wet suits, wet boots, buoyancy aids, helmets.

Costs that are not included:

  • Plane tickets/travel expenses in arrival and departure from the tour
  • Travelling insurance
  • Drinks
  • Guests’ personal costs
  • All other items that are not listed as “included”.

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