Highest summits of Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, Peaks of the Balkans Trail and plenty of super-interesting cultural visits

The most of people who visit Western Balkan come here to enjoy amazing and unspoiled nature, great food and easy-going mentality. This program is just about that all and even more – it’s pretty much about achievement, true adventure and unique experience of this marvelous part of the world. You have a chance to climb massive, high peaks, visit some of the most picturesque cities in the region, cultural and historical monuments and to feel natural kindness and hospitality of local people in both urban and remote areas.

Active aspect:

The main idea is about climbing the highest peaks of four countries (Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro) with an option of conquering some more summits placed close to the main routes in five walking days. True, it’s physically demanding program but actually it’s very feasible as there’s enough resting days, reserved for cultural visits and chilling. In addition, the most of these day-tours are technically easy to moderate and don’t require any serious climbing experience. Last three active days the program goes “hut to hut” on the famous “The peaks of the Balkans” route, passing through outstanding natural beauty and small remote villages, far from the city life. Shortly, this program is a great chance to reconnect with nature and put your personal achievements to at least one level more.

Cultural aspect:

The program’s route passes through 4 cities: Tirana, Ohrid, Prizren and Peć. All they are true represents of the national treasure of each country, the places widely known of their history, UNESCO listed monuments and beautiful surroundings. Visiting them, combined with meeting traditional life forms in rural areas, you’ll get a deep experience of cultural diversity, tradition and lifestyle of this part of the world.


Day 1: Arrival & meeting the guide

The best plan of the journey for this program would be taking a flight to Tirana Airport in arrival and departure from Podgorica on the last day. All guests who arrive straight to Tirana should check-in by themselves in Starlight Hotel****.

For those who arrive at Podgorica Airport there’s still an option of free transfer to Tirana. When everyone is at the hotel, we’ll go together for some dinner and a welcoming drink at some nice local bar, to meet each other and speak in more details about following adventure.


Day 2: Tirana: meeting urban side of Albania

Guided cultural trip through Albanian Capital

The most of the day we’ll spend meeting Albanian capital – we’ll organize guided cultural trip through Tirana visiting the city’s most important sights. Albania is the country of big contrasts regarding the culture and development. Meeting this country we’ll start with the most developed area as Tirana has real metropolitan spirit, great Mediterranean architecture and plenty of cultural monuments from different historical eras.

Transfer to Ohrid, Northern Macedonia (about 3.5 hours)

After a pleasant 2-hours walk in Tirana with a local guide, we’ll hit the road to Ohrid, the real cradle of Macedonian culture. Beside the amazing environment, long and interesting history, this is the place of truly warm and welcoming, easy-going people.

Dinner at a traditional Macedonian restaurant

When in Macedonia, it’s not difficult to decide how to start the journey as it’s a land of amazing food and music. Going out to the most popular local restaurant (Čun) with local traditional dishes and unplugged traditional local music is something that you definitely shouldn’t skip when in Ohrid.

Night in Ohrid


Day 3: Ohrid: the heart of the Country of Eternal Sunshine

Guided cultural trip in Ohrid

This ancient town is known as the most beautiful one in Macedonia: situated on the shore of amazing Ohridsko Lake, it speaks about rich and turbulent history as well as the pride of local people that have managed to save their unique culture through centuries. Plenty of historical monuments, old churches, architecture from different eras, old craft workshops and above all irresistible charm and kindness of locals – more than enough for an unforgettable experience in this fantastic place. We’ll pass al this with a local guide Apostolis: there’s probably none who could show you all the treasure of Ohrid in its best. We’ll have enough time for some more chilling at nice bars on the Lake’s shore combined with swimming, before we depart to our next destination.

Transfer to Radomire (Albania), in the foothills of the Korab Mountain (about 3 hours of drive).

Night and dinner in Radomire


Day 4: His Majesty Golem Korab

Length of the tour: approx. 18 km

Altitude gain: approx. 1.450 meters

Grade of difficulty: technically easy, physically moderate to challenging

Our first hiking day we’ll conquer one of the most impressive peaks in whole Balkan. With altitude of 2.764 meters, Golem Korab (Maja Korabit in Albanian) used to be the second highest peak of former Yugoslavia. Being situated straight on the borderline between Albania and Macedonia now, it’s the highest one of both countries. We’ll climb it from Albanian side – the trail starts from the village of Radomire, ends there as well. As Golem Korab is in the group of 10 highest peaks of Balkan Peninsula, there’s no need to speak too much about the views from the top. Let’s just hope for a clear day!

Night and dinner in Radomire


Day 5: Prizren, a breath of the Mediterranean in the middle of the countryside

Transfer to Prizren in Kosovo (1h 45min)

City tour with a local guide

There would be so many things to say about this beautiful town. Situated under grandiose Šar Planina/Mountain, by the river of Bistrica, it’s another example of mixing very different cultures in the past. It used to be the capitol of Serbian medieval kings, very important point on trading/caravan roads, strategically important place in Ottoman Empire. Now it’s maybe the most specific town in Kosovo with very special, easy-going and friendly spirit: even being pretty far the seaside, their mentality is very close to Mediterranean (there’s the reason for it!) and they’re very proud of it. In short, visit of this charming place is the best way to spend the rest day between two massive hikes. With a local city guide we’ll know more about the most important sights of Prizren and its history.

Dinner at traditional restaurant in Prizren

Prizren is another place with fantastic food and we’ll enjoy dinner at one of local restaurants that offers wide menu of traditional meals from this area.

Night in a four-star hotel in Prizren


Day 6: Rudoka Peak - exploring the widest highland in the region

Transfer to Arxhena ski resort (1 hour and 20 minutes)

Start of the hike to Rudoka Peak (2.658 m asl.)

Length of the tour: approx. 21 km

Altitude gain: 1.150 meters

Grade of difficulty: technically easy, physically moderate

We continue our adventure with another national park – it’s Shara Mountain, amazing and massive grassy area placed around the border between Macedonia and Kosovo. It’s a piece of land that deserves whole program to explore it but this time we’ll climb only peak of Velika Rudoka, the highest one in Kosovo.

The day starts with a transfer to Brod Village – small and charming place in so-called Gora: in translation it means “The Mountain” and it covers all Kosovo part of Shara Mountain. It’s populated by Goranci – one of minorities that live in Kosovo, people of unbeatably warm heart that’s possible to feel even if you don’t speak their language. They’ve originally been nomad farmers but this tradition unfortunately slowly disappears; still, it’s possible to see some big herds of sheep on the mountain’s slopes.

Velika Rudoka is placed in a vasttness of pastures in final northern part of the Shara massif. It’s an area of countless springs, brooks and small rivers that gives anther special dimension to this amazing environment. The peak itself uncovers all the beauty of whole area, far to the Macedonian territory. Simply, a real natural beauty to enjoy.

Transfer Prizren (1 hour and 20 minutes)

Night in Prizren


Day 7: Visoki Dečani, Pećka Patrijaršija, Peć

Transfer to Dečani and Peć (about 1,5 hours)

We’ve already done much regarding hiking and we deserve another day of. We’ll spend it in transfer to Plav – a small municipality in Eastern Montenegro, but it’s gonna be one of the most interesting days in the program as we’ll visit so many interesting and beautiful Places. We’ll start with two historical monuments listed by UNESCO – two medieval monasteries that have always been recognized as the heart of Serbian Orthodox Church. Pećka Patrijaršija and Visoki Dečani are maybe the most beautiful and grandiose orthodox monasteries in this part of the world and now, being part of Kosovo, are sort of centers of the culture and tradition of Serbian minority.

We’ll also stop for a quick visit of Peć/Peja – the closest city to Montenegrin border. This is a real place of cultural and historical diversity and there’s plenty of interesting things to see walking its streets. Also, it’s a nice spot for a lunch before we enter heights of Kula Mountain that split territory of Montenegro and Kosovo.

Transfer to Plav, Montenegro (2 hours from Peć)

Dinner at a local farm

This night we’ll stay at a lovely local family that keeps both a farm and a guesthouse: they produce the most of the food they will serve us comes. It’s another real treat for all foodies as well as amazing breath of true hospitality of real Balkan people.

Night in Plav


Day 8: Peaks of the Balkans day 1 - entering the Kingdom of Acursed Mountains (Đeravica Peak)

Day 8: Peaks of the Balkans day 1: entering the Kingdom of Acursed Mountains (Đeravica Peak)

Transfer from Plav to Bogićevica highland (1,5 hours)

Start of the hike to Đeravica Peak (2,656 m asl.)

Length of the tour: approx. 21 km

Altitude gain: approx. 1.200 meters

Grade of difficulty: technically easy to moderate, physically moderate to challenging

Even we aim to the highest peaks of Balkan countries, we’ll not skip Đeravica (Alb. Gjeravice), the second highest peak in Kosovo. Probably the most important reason is the beauty of the mountain but it’s also logical and great way to start our 3-day hut to hut hiking adventure in Prokletije Mountains (so-called Albanian Alps or in literal translation Accursed Mountains). Đeravica is the most eastern and the second highest peak in the massif shared between Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, considered as maybe the most impressive mountain area in whole Balkan.

The tour starts with transfer to Katun Bogićevica, placed nearby the border with Kosovo. From there the trail climbs up to a pass that shows the goal of this hike: Đeravica Peak, the most impressive and the highes one in sight. The path curves through valleys, above passes, discovering all the beauty of this area, including four amazing glacial lakes. The last part requires higher level of focus due to very steep slopes, but it’s not possible to say it’s technically demanding. The peak itself gives truly stunning views to the territory of Kosovo, the rest of Prokletije Mountains and far into Montenegrin territory.

Declining the peak we’ll take another route that will take us to the ridge above stunning mountain lakes and bellow several peaks over 2.400 meters: depending on the condition of the group we could climb some of them. The ridge finishes with Tromeđa peak (point of crossing of borders of Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania), turning down to beautiful valley of Doberdol Village, the place where we’ll rest for a night, enjoying hospitality of friendly Albanian highlanders.

Dinner and night in Doberdol


Day 9: Peaks of the Balkans day 2 - trekking tour from Doberdol to Cerem, Albania

Length of the tour: approx. 19 km

Altitude gain: approx. 500 meters

Grade of difficulty: technically easy, physically easy to moderate

The most of our hiking adventure in Prokletije we’ll follow “The Peaks of the Balkans” transversal, one of the most attractive long routes in whole Europe. It leads through the woods, between terrifying peaks, ridges, amazing green valleys surrounded with high craggy walls, over and over again discovering more breathtaking views. That’s how this day trip would literally look like: an awesome trekking tour in a real paradise for all nature lovers. Starting straight from the accommodation in Doberdol, after 5 hours of active walk we will reach another village to stay overnight. It’s called Cerem, situated straight under huge bolder of Kolate Masiff, that hides the highest peak of Montenegro.

Dinner and night Cerem


Day 10: Peaks of the Balkans day 3 - Zla Kolata Peak

Length of the tour: approx. 20 km (basic variant)

Altitude gain: approx. 1.470 meters (basic variant)

Grade of difficulty: technically easy to moderate, physically challenging

Another day that starts with no transfers. Leaving Cerem, we’ll hit the trail that leads up to so-called Qafa e Borit, finding a longer flat part of the trail. The last part is physically demanding as in about 1.5 km we have to pass 500 meters of altitude, but as the most of all the tours in this program it’s not technically demanding: it’s just a zig-zag path that leads up to the pass between three grandiose peaks: Zla Kolata (the highest Montenegrin peak at 2.534 meters above the sea), Dobra Kolata (the second highest Montenegrin peak at 2.528 m a.s.l.) and Ravna Kolata situated just several hundreds of meters in Albanian territory. The best solution would be to conquer all three of them J but we’ll make the decision together, depending on the level of tiredness of the most people in the group.

Both Zla and Ravna Kolata are technically easy and anyone can do it. Dobra Kolata is slightly different: upper part of the trail is very open to the vertical drops from both sides and it’s only for those who don’t have problem with heights. The ridge to the top is narrow and this peak could be qualified as psychically demanding and potentially dangerous. Anyway, we’d like to see some people who would feel brave and experienced enough to give it a try: it’s definitely worth it. Those who don’t feel like this can just chill in fantastic ambience on the pass between three peaks.

Getting down from is pretty easy but it just should take a bit more attention as we’ll walk a longer rocky part that could be potentially dangerous for twisting ankles. Final part of the trail leads through dense beech forest, giving some beautiful views to the surroundings for the end of this adventure.

Transfer to Gusinje (20 minutes)

Dinner and night in Gusinje

Last night we’ll spend in Vusanje Village in probably the most beautiful and comfortable guesthouse in the area. Very special accent is on food; the host is passionate cook that enjoys preparing meals typical for this area. Definitely the best choice of accommodation for the last night.


Day 11: Departure

On the last day we’ll provide transfers to Podgorica (about 2 hours of drive).


Day 1: Tirana, Albania

Starlight Hotel (4-star) – fully modern and super-comfortable accommodation in Tirana City Center (about 800 meters from the main square).


Day 2: Ohrid, N. Macedonia

Villa Miranda (3-star) in Ohrid – a nice spot placed 10 minutes of walk from the city center. Nice and clean rooms with all facilities.


Day 3: Radomire, Albania

Korabit mountain guesthouse – nice rooms with all the reasonable facilities provided. Amazing food and super-welcoming hosts.


Day 4: Radomire, Albania

Korabit mountain guesthouse.


Day 5: Prizren, Kosovo

Centrum Hotel (4-star) is in one of the best hotels in Prizren, placed in the middle of the old town, close to the most of historical and cultural sights. Great location, nice and clean rooms, great breakfast and super-friendly and hospitable staff.


Day 6: Prizren, Kosovo

Centrum Hotel****


Day 7: Plav, Montenegro

Hana Guesthouse in Plav; a house of a local family of farmers, nicely furnished and super-comfortable. Another great chance to enjoy homemade food – most of ingredients are from the family farm: all vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese. One of the best dining spots in the program.


Day 8: Doberdol, Albania

Bashkimi Guesthouse – traditional mountain farm turned into tourist eco-resort. Nice and comfortable rooms with shared facilities. Very welcoming and friendly, professional staff, nice food and beverage supply.


Day 9: Cerem, Albania

Gocaj family’s – about 200 years old village house turned into a guesthouse. There’s a fully new and modern part, with all separate facilities. Super-hospitable hosts, fantastic traditional meals, awesome ambience.


Day 10: Gusinje, Montenegro

Villa Merak – probably the most beautiful and comfortable guesthouse in the area. Very special accent is on food; the host is passionate cook that enjoys preparing meals typical for this area. 

Tour’s price includes following costs:

  • All accommodation as listed in the plan. The company keeps the right of changing planned accommodation with other at the same/similar level of comfort in case of changed circumstances (original accommodation is unavailable, part of the program is changed,
  • Meals in accordance with following table:
Day/meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 X X X
2 Included X X
3 Included X Included
4 Included Included Included
5 Included X X
6 Included X X
7 Included X Included
8 Included Included Included
9 Included Included Included
10 Included Included Included
11 Included X X
  • All the planned transfers during the trip
  • Full service of certified and experienced mountain guide
  • Three guided city tours with local guides (Tirana, Ohrid and Prizren)
  • All costs in case of changing of the plan from objective reasons

Costs that are not included:

  • Plane tickets/travel expenses in arrival and departure from the tour
  • Travelling insurance
  • Drinks
  • Taxes and entrance fees for museums and other paid cultural sites
  • Guests’ personal costs
  • All other items that are not listed as “included”.

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