One day
Easy to moderate
Grade of difficulty
Group size
Autumn, Spring, Summer

Length: cca 16 km
Average duration: 5-6 hours of active walk

Truly fabulous trekking tour through the second deepest Montenegrin canyon. Mrtvica is a wild mountain river that flows between two massifs – Maganik and Moračke Mountains, pretty unavailable area until 1960-es when former Yugoslav National Army managed to break through it, making a path for people who lived in remote village of Velje Duboko. For decades it was their only connection with the south of Montenegro; now it’s one of the most beautiful walking trails in the country.

Mrtvica walk is a real fairytale: narrow track goes between two vertical, more than 1.000 meters high walls, passing by the rapids and breathtaking, noisy waterfalls of crystal clear river, showing us some of real natural miracles: Gate of Wishes, so called Solitaire (part of the trail that breaks through the most massive rock in the canyon), plenty of irresistible pools that drag you to jump for a swim…and you won’t resist, even water temperature is about 10 degrees. Finally, it reaches one of the most charming beaches you have ever seen; it’s a perfect spot for a lunch break and some more quiet time out of the rest of the world. From there you have an option to go back to see all that you have already passed from a very different perspective or to go through the rest of the canyon…we couldn’t say it’s an easy decision.

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August 17, 2022


August 17, 2022

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