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Hiking and wild swimming tour

It was not too difficult to name this tour properly as it includes really the best hiking destinations in Montenegro. Five the most striking mountain massifs in the country, two national parks (Durmitor and Prokletije) and two nature parks (Komovi and Piva) are combined with remote highlands of untouched nature, hidden from the eyes of other tourists (Lola Mountain). In addition, we offer an option of doing adrenaline tour in last explored canyon in Europe. Doing this trip you could conquer even 10 amazing peaks, but as most of our tours this one is easily adaptable to your preferences and physical shape. We dare say that there’s not many better ways to spend seven active days in Montenegro.


Day 1: Arrival

First day we’ll spend in a nice panoramic ride through Montenegrin inlands, visiting medieval Morača Monastery, having an easy walk in Biogradska Gora – the smallest Montenegrin but one of the world’s oldest national parks, tasting some national delicacies, meeting locals. Shortly, just chilling. In late afternoon we’ll arrive to Štavna Eco Resort situated in foothills of Komovi Mountains – just in time to enjoy a stunning view to its massive slopes and high peaks before the dark.


Volušnica, Talijanka, Popadija - Discovering Accursed Mountains

Length: 11 km
Altitude: 1.100 meters ascending
Average duration: 7 hours of active walking

For the first excursion we’ll move to Prokletije National Park, just nearby the Albanian border. This mountain massif got this title quite recently and it’s newest Montenegrin national park – actually we share it with our Albanian neighbors. We’ll hit one of the most attractive routes in this area that connects three peaks placed at the same ridge  – Volušnica, Talijanka and Popadija. Just a great occasion for those who want to conquer as many peaks as possible. This amazing trail is probably the best one for meeting frightening, but amazing beauty of Prokletije Mountains – all the time you’ll have perfect view to the highest, almost vertical  slopes of peaks from the other side of Grebaja Valley. In the same time this tour doesn’t require any special climbing skills, unlike the most of others in this area: technically, it is an easy hike that requires moderate level of physical form as we’ll climb about 1.100 meters of altitude. Probably the similar number as the number of photos and pictures in your head that you’ll bring home from this day.


Day 3: Kom Vasojevićki - Mystical heights of the Small Giant

Length: 8.3 km
Altitude: 760 meters ascending
Average duration: 4.5-5 hours of active walking

Another high-class hike from the offer of all mountain trips in Montenegro. Absolutely undeservedly, Komovi Mountains is in the shadow of some other mountains like Durmitor and Prokletije – but anyone who has experiences it once, wanted to come there again.

Komovi is a bunch of 5 high, rocky peaks in the middle of wide tame and grassy area that have been inspiration for many songs in local tradition. We’ll climb the “easiest” one – even it takes less than 4 km to the top it couldn’t be put into category of moderate peaks as we’ll climb slightly less than 700 meters of altitude. Climbing up its stipe slopes you’ll get more and more from this amazing mountain, suddenly finding yourself under clouds (or maybe just in them) with the view that reaches territories of 4 countries: Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo, as well as countless number of mountains around. Really an awesome tour and a proper place to find a special connection with nature.


Day 4: Lola - Welcome to the Kingdom of pristine pastures

Even in Montenegro Lola Mountain is not known that well. Yes, it’s really hidden treasure of our country, placed far from frequent roads in the middle of Montenegro. Lola is real stunner that shines with its wide meadows and grassy peaks, giving the shelter to many shepherds and their herds during summer months. And it’s one of our favorite mountains.

There’s plenty options how to spend a day in this area: if you want to chill after two challenging hikes, you could have only an easy walk between peaks enjoying fabulous landscapes around you. If you want something more, we can climb highest peak (Veliki Zebalac, 2.129 meters of altitude). Or Pandurica (or so called Kennedy’s Head at 2.081), the most recognizable one. Or two highest peaks at the same ridge. Or three. Or four.  It’s up to you. We just guarantee that you’ll love this place.


Day 5: Day off

After three active days, you definitely deserve a day off. And we have chosen just a perfect place for it – charming eco resort Nevidio placed between two big mountains (Durmitor and Vojnik), nearby two marvelous glacial lakes and Nevidio Canyon, one of ultimate natural attractions in Montenegro. This day you can spend chilling at the resort, doing an easy walk in the village or going a bit higher to check Black Lake, the most beautiful one in Durmitor NP. Another option is to do an unforgettable canyoning trip through one of the most attractive small canyons in Europe. You chose, we provide. Whatever you decide, late afternoon we’ll spend in a local household enjoying some delicious food and drinks. Homemade and organic.


Day 6: Bobotov kuk - Meet the Director of All Montenegrin Mountains

Length: 12 km
Altitude: 950 meters ascending (gained), the same descending
Average duration: 6.5 hours of active walking

As we already said, Durmitor is a kind of “holy mountain” in Montenegro and Bobotov kuk is its highest peak. Should be almost enough about it, right?

The trail starts at 2.017 meters of altitude at Saddle pass. True, it’s challenging trip, both physically and technically as we’ll pass quite steep slopes and we’ll use ropes at the last part of the ascend. But it’s very feasible – you have already done some tours at the same level of difficulty and this one just requires some more focus and calmness. Also, the prize for all the efforts and fear is more than generous. Standing at the top of the needle in the middle of Durmitor is maybe the most special felling regarding all hiking achievements in Montenegro. We know it.

Bobotov kuk used to be the highest peak of Montenegro until 2018 and meanwhile we haven’t expanded territory of the country. Used to be? How come it’s not anymore? You’ll hear the story about it on the day of this ascend.


Day 7: Volujak - Walk to the edge of reality

Length: 20 km
Altitude: 1,430 meters ascending, the same descending
Average duration: 8 hours of active walking

Volujak (2,336 m a.s.l.) is one of the highest and the most recognizable peaks in Bioč-Maglić-Volujak mountain massif, divided by the Bosnian border and for the most part situated in Piva Nature Park.

The trail starts at Stabna village, soon reaching two beautiful glacial lakes hidden in the middle of beech forest. Higher in the mountain we got more and more from it – after three hours of hiking we’ll reach the door of the mountain – Bojanska vrata that open spectacular view to all peaks in this amazing group of rocky boulders. From the pass we’ll walk just 20 minutes more to the top of Volujak to see another national park from above – ancient forest of Perućica in Bosnia, the biggest original forest in Europe. Another view to remember and great spot to complete this awesome week in Montenegrin mountains.


Day 8: Departure

Even though we have finished active part of the tour, there are some more places to visit. On our way back we’ll stop at medieval orthodox Piva Monastery to enjoy its beauty and feel its ancient spirit of calmness. Also, we’ll visit Nikšić, the second biggest city in Montenegro for a short walk and a fresh beer from its brewery, the oldest and most appreciated in the country.


Day 1: Komovi Nature Park

Accommodation: Štavna Eco Village is a resort that offers just perfect service to all the nature lovers who are about to visit Komovi. Charming bungalows with wooden furniture, clean rooms and separate bathrooms are more than enough comfortable. In their restaurant you can enjoy one of best menus regarding our national cuisine. Amazing view to Komovi high peaks is one more reason to stay there for more than one night!


Day 2: Komovi Nature Park

Accommodation: Štavna eco village 


Day 3: Kolašin

Accommodation: Mirović apartments – top rated private accommodation in Kolašin. Greatly furnished rooms with separate bathrooms, awesome yard and small tavern. Another super-nice and hospitable family, you just should check their guests’ reviews at Booking.com and AIRBNB!


Day 4: Pošćenje Village

Accommodation: Nevidio Eco Village – it has 9 nice and clean mountain houses (with separate bathrooms) built in traditional style, as well as restaurant with excellent menu. Originally intended to hikers and all outdoor lovers, this resort is good enough to fulfill expectations of most of tourists that want explore this area in some other way. Great restaurant’s terrace, two beautiful small lakes are in neighborhood – great option for a nice swim!


Day 5: Pošćenje Village

Accommodation: Nevidio Eco Village 


Day 6: Plužine, Piva Nature Park

Accommodation: Zvono jazz house & apartments – pretty unexpected place for such remote area. Great atmosphere, music and charm, fantastic food and local homemade drinks will make you wish to stay there some nights longer. Nice rooms with separate bathrooms.


Day 7: Plužine, Piva Nature Park

Accommodation: Zvono jazz house & apartments

Tour’s price includes following costs:

  • All accommodation
  • All food
  • All local transfers during the trip
  • All guiding services in hiking, kayaking, mountain bike, rafting and canyoning on active days
  • All entrance fees for national and nature parks in Montenegro
  • All costs in case of changing of the plan from objective reasons
  • Insurance required by Montenegrin law.


As the most of offered tours are designed in hut-to-hut style, the main principle in choosing of accommodation was to pick the best available solution at particular spot. As it’s obvious from listed places for each tour, it varies from small hotels and guesthouses to private apartments, tourist households and wild camping. Except lodgings in remote areas, all the accommodations involve modern, comfortable rooms with separate bathroom and shower facilities and it’s feasible to book cabins in accordance to guests’ preferences in terms of number of beds. Traditional households (as well as wild camping) normally mean pretty basic, but fully functional conditions and facilities. Staying there makes whole the package original and  attractive. Placed far from city lights and any type of pollution, they offer some other kind of comfort, from starry skies to mountain water springs and organic food. It also implies enjoying in simple, original life of local people, their culture and natural warmness and hospitality.

Each program is adjustable and it’s possible to do some changes, according to wishes of particular group.


Price of each program includes all food during the tour. Breakfasts and dinners will be normally at the accommodation or in some nice restaurant nearby. On active days (means apart from meeting day, days off and/or departure day), most of lunches will be arranged in packed form. Other days, we’ll eat at restaurants or local families.

Not only Montenegro, but whole Balkan is known for its great food. Our turbulent past has determined even our cuisine, so apart from local tastes, you’ll recognize strong influences of Turkish, Mediterranean and Hungarian style. Appearing as ambassadors of local culture and tradition, we try to present all diversity of food in Montenegro – from quite interesting and original traditional plates in modern style, to simple and authentic meals when at families or shepherds’ farms. One is sure – you will love it. And it’s also about quantity – sharing goods with guests is an ancient way of showing hospitality and wherever you eat, expect quite big portions.

All special food regimes – vegan/vegetarian, intolerance to certain ingredients should be indicated in advance.

Equipment required for specific activities provided by the company and collaborators:

  • Kayaking: sit-in/sit-on-top kayaks, paddles, spray decks, buoyancy aids, dry bags
  • Canyoning: wet suits, buoyancy aids, helmets, alpine belts, dry bags
  • Mountain bike and cycling: bicycles and helmets
  • Camping: tents, camping pads and dishes.

Costs that are not included:

  • All costs of activities provided by others on days off (canyoning, zip line experience, via ferrata or horse riding)
  • Drinks
  • Guests’ personal costs.

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